success case

Topic: Digital Risk Control Strategy Analysis Practical Training Series
Location: Ningbo, China
Enterprise: Bank of Ningbo

success case

Theme: 2022 Risk Control Training Special Project "Reviewing the Past and Knowing the New" series of face-to-face training
Location: Shanghai, China
Enterprise: China Ping An Pratt & Whitney

success case

Topic: Face-to-face training on risk management mechanism and strategy model review of China's digital banks
Location: Guangzhou, China
Enterprise: Bank of Guangzhou Co., Ltd.

success case

Topic: On-loan and post-loan risk management practice face-to-face training
Location: Guangzhou, China
Enterprise: Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank

success case

Topic: Practical face-to-face training on post-loan risk management
Location: Beijing, China
Enterprise: CITIC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
”Through the learning of the digital risk management strategy in the first phase of FAL, lay a practical foundation for the basic risk management staff of the whole bank.”

Risk Management Dept. OF Bank

”Through FAL's digital transformation and risk management system training, lay a digital foundation for the bank's middle and senior managers.”

- Digital Products And Innovation Dept. Of Bank

”Through comprehensive and systematic study of digital risk management knowledge, establish digital risk awareness for the middle and senior management teams of the whole group, and guide the actual business development in the future.”

- Risk Management Dept. Of The Group

”Through systematic study of post-Lending risk management, lay professional and systematic risk management knowledge for enterprise risk managers.”

- Post-lending Dept. Of CITIC Consumer Finance

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